creative block(s)         

print, editorial, thesis 

Creative block(s) is a book that seeks to examine creativity from a psychological, neurological and artistic perspective. It questions whether our idea of originality truly exists and how the understanding of our own humanity may change if creativity is something that can be broken down, coded and programmed into a machine. 

The cover relates to the duality implied by the book’s title. Creative blocks can both refer to the ideas and inspirations that act as the building blocks to a final creation, or it can stand for the frustration one may face when searching for inspiration but not being able to find it.

The book begins with a sequence of completed Torrance Tests. A Torrance Test is a tool used by psychologist in order to measure someone’s level of creativity. I asked a class of 3rd grader to complete the given Torrance Test. The other half was completed by an AI software. Which is man and which is machine?

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Installation (w.i.p.)

A collaboration between man and machine. 

Explorations using runway. 
A data set of squares that have been added to in the same way as a torrance test, have been input into runway. The data set is then interpreted and used to attempt to create something new.